Monday, March 5, 2012

Pat Kikut

Patrick Kikut is a professor at the University of Wyoming.  Though I have not taken him for many classes (which I would still like to take his painting class) I have had the opportunity to get to know him through Student Art League (SAL).  As the SAL adviser, Pat has taken us to Santa Fe (which I just learned is the second largest art market in the nation) for a trip each year as well as Denver and helped with many other events.  Though I do love Pat's artwork, I think that his ambition and entrepreneurship as an artist may be what is the most inspiring to me. These are both skills that I think are often forgotten about but absolutely necessary for an artist to survive.

Pat has taken on many endeavors including starting a small gallery in his back yard while living in Santa Fe. The space was called "No Man's Land Gallery." The gallery featured artists from all over the country. Along with the gallery Pat set up a small stage and would have bands play and someone would be cooking on the bar-b.

The business and marketing aspects are a huge part of what I would love to take from what I have learned from Pat Kikut. I would really enjoy setting up an exhibition in a small gallery space like this.  (I will post some pictures of the space on my art blog) I would love to have a studio and gallery space for my artwork some day. In addition to a gallery/studio space I certainly want to teach art lessons from the space.  

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