Monday, December 2, 2013

Installation Art Inspo

My artwork inspired by India has taken on many new forms and media. A major goal and motivation behind going to India was to learn how to transform an experience into a body of artwork. I am proud to say that this goal has already been accomplished.

I am currently planning a third solo exhibition that I plan to include work from both previous shows and several more works. I really want to play with creative hanging and installation techniques.

Here are some artists and projects that inspired me and may help me make some hanging decisions.

‘This Exhibition Is an Accusation’: The Grammar of Display According to Lina Bo Bardi

John Dahlsen Environmental Art

Govinda Prasad Sah Azad (see photo)

Kate MccGwire (see photo)

A Sun of Thread: 84 Miles of String Suspended at MIA by HOT TEA

What unique display methods do you find appealing? Why?

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