Thursday, December 15, 2011

Adrian Molina

Although this blog began (and is primarily) to be a place for me to store my visual inspiration, I have decided to add one of my personal heroes when it comes to social justice type inspiration.  Adrian is a culturist and a conscious hip-hop artist.  I first met Adrian when he was a professor at the University of Wyoming.  Even though he has a law degree (which I don't think he would tell anyone), he was teaching a class titled "Hip-Hop and American Society" through the Chicano Studies program.  This class taught me about underground hip-hop and introduced the idea of art as activism.   His lyrics are powerful and intelligent.  He is not afraid to address serious issues and that is one of the most important qualities I can find in an artist which I would like to translate into my work.

The part about his degree in law was significant (and is inspiring) to me because he was a model of how someone can follow his dreams to remain an artist and make that path work because it is what he was designed to do.  Despite the fact that I am sure he had to deal with a plethora of friends and family telling him to take the path that they see as success, he chose what he knew he was created to do.  I know that I was designed to create art and share important social topics with others.  Thanks for being a model of this.

For more information on Molina's work check out his Facebook page, this interview, his current focus (the Occupy movement), one more occupy article he wrote.

Here is a clip of his most recent project ...This link will not be available to the public for a few more enjoy!

To see some of my socially conscious art, check out art blog "Felicia Follum Art + Desingn" or Facebook page.

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