Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lisa Call

Lisa Call is a textile artist who I have been following for some time now.  Here is an interview about her work.
My favorite quote in the interview was in response to "what was the moment when you first realized you are capable of creating an art career for yourself?"

Lisa responded "when I started thinking big and not hiding."  I can relate to this and see this type of thinking as wonderful wisdom to young and emerging artists.  In addition to thinking bug, I think you just need to go for it and big (for where you are at in your career) things will happen.  One of the problems with art disappearing from schools and our culture is the way people view it.  We no longer see it as a valid profession.  If people could learn to see it as what it is,a business and something that is incredibly valuable to our society, I think more people would see it as a valid job and would actively seek it as a profession.  When people are constant y told that they will fail and be poor, it makes it extremely difficult to give it all you have.